Trading View for FREE with Dhan Account

Hi - while its appreciated that Dhan users get free access to TV features, but the basic features are the only ones available. Can a few more basic features be added (some of these are highlighted below):

  1. Custom time frame charting
  2. Quarterly time frame charting
  3. Few Basic Fundamental indicators like price/earnings ration, operating margin, etc.

Hi @eliteinvestment

Thanks for the feedback, we work towards bringing more and more features across all Dhan platforms, including TradingView.

However specifically for TradingView, we use a hosted library solution for Dhan and the features that are extended to us are limited by TradingView. If more get extended, we will bring them on our platform.

If you are a TradingView (main platform) user, then we always recommend users to use webhooks to place orders: Introducing Webhook Alerts : Direct Order Placements on TradingView from Dhan

Not everything is as simple as it seems…and as a technical analyst, you would already know that higher timeframe holds more significance.

Each analyst has their own style of visualizing things buddy. Good luck.