Trading VIew Futures

I am unable to place orders in futures segment from native trading view. It is giving only option for cash segment. Anyone placed futures order?

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Hi @amk20000,

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NSE Future segment is available for trading via TradingView. Here is an example.

Equity Future

Do let us know at what you specific scenario is.

Update: Adding a screenshot, since the video did not come through clearly.

Doesn’t work. Are you testing your useless code on real users instead of paying salaries to a testing team?

Seems to be working fine. Is FnO segment activated for you in profile ?

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Asked the support, and they have no clue either. Got standard response - “we will check and respond by EOD”. Will wait and see…

Dear @koushik

The message clear states that the Account is Not Allowed to trade.

Our Customer Service team has already informed you over Twitter, Chat and otherwise as well that your account is not activated and this was because of CDSL / CVL systems are down for all users in India and hence there is a delay. The issue at CDSL is known across the industry and is well reported in media as well.

TradingView integration works absolutely well, thousands of users are using this as we speak. Our team has shared a working screenshot above and also other users in the community has spoke about this.

Our sincere request you to refer Dhan community guidelines: Welcome to Dhan community!

Also, your account just got activated by CDSL few moments back. You may trade now.

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Can I trade commodity futures from tradingview charts? Do you have any plans to introduce it?

Hi @koushik,

This is the first level integration with TradingView. Currently, only Futures and Equities on NSE are available on TradingView.

However, you can try or webhook feature to trade in other segments. Know more about it here :

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@koushik good news! Now you can trade in Commodity Futures contracts directly from using your favorite features. Available on TradingView Web and App.

Read more about this - Now Live : MCX Commodity Trading from with Dhan