Tradingview >Watchlist - Sort by % problem = Video shared

Hello ,
Tradingview Dhan platform me >Watchlist me already kuch stocks or indices lagake rakhe ho to live market me - Sort by % karte hai tab multiple problems aa rahe = Video shared

  1. wrong reflection first - must not show wrong percentage everytime at first
    whenever we scroll the watchlist up down

  2. Ascending descending auto shifting & correct order prb

plz download the video & watch (explained all the issues perfectly with proof)

shared here >

@pravin sir , whatever i posted as thread, goes unanswered, unnoticed !
they are really important things i shared with you guys but going with No action & No Priority… posted few other things too which will be really helpful if improved…

Hi @Varsha777

Apologies, don’t know how we missed this.

We tried this at our end, it is working fine. Still, be assured, we will optimise and fix this issue if we find any.

Also, just confirm, do you still face this issue.