Trigger Gap Is Out Of The Specified Gap Range - in BO

Hello Team,

I am continuously receiving error "“Trigger Gap Is Out Of The Specified Gap Range” while placing bracket order.

Would you please confirm, whether this error appear for stop loss order, target order or the main order?

Currently, I am using stop loss and target minimum: .25% of LTP.

Amit K.

Hello Team,

I received error while placing BO order from API, and when i logged into web interface, and repeat that order, it got placed without any issue.

Would you please address this. Or let me know what is required in code, i will get it implemented at my side.


Amit Kumar


Hello Team,

Seems I found the reason for this error and work around. I was placing this order using API, and i have code to calculate minimum value for SL which is .25%. So, when i receive alert, and by the time it tries to place an order the ticker price will move more in opposite direction and making the previous calculated .25% value to .24% value, and so leading the error.

Work around i did is that, in case, if my ATR is less than this minium value, then it will auto pick this new SL of .3% (instead of .25%).

Hope this helps to address this issue.


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