Tweet regarding ChartIQ

Hi Team,

Somebody wrote a Tweet regarding Groww completely removed ChartIQ from platform and replaced it with Tradingview.

Requesting @Dhan to never remove ChartIQ from the platform.

Tweet link -

@PravinJ @RahulDeshpande

Hi @pratik01, we have no such plans. Any major change to product or features, we will actively communicate to our users.

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But They Don’t Have TV Charts In Their Mobile App

Just checked it. Yes, they have removed ChartIQ and it’s only now TV in their app.

Looks They Still Have ChartIQ, Actually In Groww App They Don’t Provide TV Charts Atleast I’m Not Able To Use It

Hi, okay.

I’m getting only TV charts. Also, no option in settings to change back to ChartIQ.

Looks like there’re testing this currently with few users. Later they’ll migrate it for all the users.

OMG I Want This TV Version Badly In Groww App