Txn Estimator - brokerage missing

Hi @Dhan_Help

Please see the screenshot. Brokerage is shown as zero. Is this a bug or have you gone zero brokerage ?

Hi @t7support,

Thanks for highlighting. We will get this checked.

Dhan Customer Support

Hi @t7support

This is resolved in the latest app release. Thank you for highlighting this.


Awesome. Appreciate it very much.

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But then see this for crude option. Brokerage is 0.

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This must be some cache issue, can you kill app and check. Also confirm you are on latest app.

I get this view for same scrip, below here

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Am on the latest app only. Cleared cache and it got fixed.

So here is a question. Do you guys change these at the server level ? Am asking this because it worked with out any app update.


We do multiple combinations across the app, which gives us ability to test features, updates and get feedback while we perfect our products to match the expectations.