Typical support

I recently moved to Dhan from zerodha and I expected support to be better here.
I post this after bad experience on at least 4 different occasions in less than 1 month.

The last one attached.

What’s the point of even having such support staff available for chat real time?

Hi @Castelinojason Feedback noted. Real-time support of all places I have seen personally is only offered via Bots and we do not want to move to bots as solution - we had evaluated few options but they do not work for capital markets.

Feedback on the same is shared with Customer Support team.

We are checking the same with the concerned team, we will get back to you shortly on your registered email id with the resolution within 24-48 working hours.

Pasting the latest reply.
First he said it’s added to my portfolio. And now needs 48 hours to confirm what he even said.
Lol. No reply are better than such replies. He himself is confused on what he is saying.

Thats the justification for the stupidity of support staff?
If you can’t have efficient people then why even have them and claim to have customer support 24.7. Just don’t have it. At least they won’t get your clients on their nerve.

All that he had to do was check order book before saying I bought 500. Then he had just check portfolio before saying 2500 are added to my portfolio.

Trust me this is just one instance that am sharing. Last 1 month I have shared many more grievances. But that I didn’t take the community to express my feedback. I was just forwarding it to the one who helped me open my account here. And he was much useful that you guys. He got things done faster. @t7support

Update. The issue is now resolved. It’s now getting reflected in my portfolio.

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I second @Castelinojason. We post in community because here the issues get addressed faster than via chat or E-mail. If the customer service agents who are the first point of contact for the customer in trouble are not pro active, it ain’t worth having those channels. If they were pro active this community will be less cluttered with issues like these.

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Yes. Totally agree. And this was the same thing which was happening in zerodha.
When product pricing is the same with both brokers clients need very good reason to move to a different broker. I did move here Because of couple of things which I found here which were missing there. I am moving my funds from there to here in parts and every second day I find some issue. I might have transferred around 15 percent so far and I have second thoughts on whether to move completely.
Technical bugs is also fine for me. It wasn’t affecting my today’s trade in anyway. It’s not that I panicked because it wasn’t reflecting in my portfolio. But there are basic things which a support staff should do before randomly replying for the heck of it.

This was yesterday. I couldn’t transfer 30L in one go. So the amount had to stay in my current account overnight. If there was no problem with the merchant then I could have added more liquidbees yesterday. One day delay would mean one day loss of interest. Also one day late to pledge them and generate some revenue out of it.
Opportunity cost.

Hi @Castelinojason,

Thanks for your feedback. We will review your past cases as well and connect with you.

For the fund transfer case, we checked and found it failed at bank / wallet level yesterday afternoon, and it was success this morning. Do check with your bank if there is limit set at their end because we do have users transferring high amounts successfully. Alternatively, you may use our Smart transfer facility to add money vie IMPS/NEFT.

If it was success this morning obviously there is no limit from the bank side. In fact I was successful to transfer a smaller amount yesterday.
Anyways. I can’t be sure whose fault it was. The screenshot attached said it exceeded merchants limit. From what I understand Dhan is the merchant. Correct me if I am wrong.

Hi @Castelinojason In this case, I am guessing the screenshot you shared above is from a bank app and rejection message is displayed to you as a user by the bank - what we may get on payment gateway will have to check.

Okay that’s possible. But the reason stated can’t be right because I have bigger amounts before and even today. Anyways I will talk to my banker too.

Another day, another query. And I think 2 hours is reasonable time to check details of a client.
@PravinJ dont you think?

After continuously following up, after 3 hours I get a response.

Is this my fault ?

Hi @Castelinojason , We will happy to address this over a call. Let us know a convenient time to connect.

I do not want to leave this open for the ones who may read this in future.

Issue sorted by @Karan. I really wish support staff was as useful as you were.

Thank you once again.