UI/UX suggestion for web interface

Provide a way to close/hide and open/unhide this region. It is a redundant information for many of tabs and doesn’t add any value.


Hi @gmatesunny

Watchlists are most used of features of Dhan.

Ascending - Descending / A to Z, Z to A symbols arrange होत नाहीत.
@RahulDeshpande आणि @Naman सरांना वॉटचलिस्टचे अजून काही issue आहेत ते पण सांगितलेत.
त्यावर पण नजर फिरवा…

@PravinJ, From the portfolio page there is no way to go to Dhan charts page (Not trading view)

If I click on the stock name it goes to this page and it does not have all the info, no charts, no fundamentals.

Once I click from the watchlist it opens this page which has portfolio section

If I click on that Play button (click should work on entire section not specific button) on portfolio section it open this page which has no way to go back the chart screen. Maybe that’s why people are using watchlist section more :slight_smile:

Please combine all this pages info and have only 1 common page whenever we click on stock (from any screen) it can show that page. Also please have consistency of section between Mobile App and Web App (Ex IPO)

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Hi @arpit

Thanks for your feedback. We have noted and try to incorporate these suggestions in our roadmap.

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