Unable Create Forever option at the time of Creating the entry order itself -Forever order missing feature

In zerodha we have GTT order which can be placed during the entry order itself. The GTT will get active only after the entry order filled. Using this feature we were able to place entry trigger orders with GTT Stop loss and Take profit then we leave. Once the Entry order triggered system will create GTT order according to our inputs given and SL, TP will be active. We don’t need to intervene or keep watching the position filled or not . This will help the working professionals to punch entry order with GTT and continue their native work. they don’t need to be taring at system screen and Place stop loss orders once the entry order fills.

Note : In this case we cannot place Forever order before entry trigger happens because market can move to SL or TP price before triggering/entering the original trade trade. So all opposite type of entries will happen. Dhan seriously need to introduce this feature for Super traders.

Uploading the Zerodha order window screenshot.

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Hi @er.thiyagaraju feedback noted on same. We did some discussions with traders on this - few of them mentioned that while entering in a position they may add this as Forever / GTT - but when they exit the main transaction they have missed removing the GTT leg which resulted in them taking additional position at times. We will evaluate this accordingly.

Forever Orders can we place via api

Hi @BharadwajSNP

We are evaluating the forever order API, although it is not available at the moment.

However, we are actively working on an update and will inform you once it is ready.