Unable set avg buy price for transfer share from other A/C to dhan

Hi team,

I have transferred a few shares from another account to the dhan but Iā€™m unable to set the average buying price However those I have set the average buying price for the old shares those are not reflecting correct one as well

What ever I set price those are reflecting incorrect and for New one I am unable to set price
Kkndly help me on this bug.

Hi @Rekhagade welcome to Dhan community!

You will get an option to update average price post 24 working hours from the share transfer. In case of any difficulties feel free to reach out to us at help@dhan.co

Its more than 24 hours but still i am not able to update my average or buying price in dhan


Welcome to the Dhan community.

Please drop us an email at our customer support at help@dhan.co we can have this checked and update you.

already mailed yesterday and today also manojjashwani@gmail.com

Still did not get any solution , is that the service provide by dhan ?? no one is receiving calls also, and send auto generated mails, do need full


We are checking your case. Please allow us some time, and we will revert back to your registered email address with updates.


We have sent a reply to your registered email address, and your average price has been updated now.