Unable to add Crudeoil Option Chain to watchlist

Whenever I try to add Crudeoil option chain it shows “Stock Not Found” error.

Hi @Amarsingh_Shinde

Yes, bit odd. I am able to replicate this as well. Thanks for highlighting, will have this fixed.

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@PravinJ This issue is still pending. Kindly check.

Hi @Amarsingh_Shinde

We have identified what is causing this, we are figuring a way out to solve this. Already on our list of things to do.

Almost 50 days gone, issue is not solved till date.

Hi @Amarsingh_Shinde

This will take some more time. NSE F&O shortcuts have an underlying stock with a spot price, while MCX commodities do not have such. It’s not an easy one to solve as it appears to be - have major tech architecture changes to accommodate this change. Figuring out.

MCX options have futures has underlying. Futures are already there with a spot price.


Was referring this from a tech perspective of a stock based derivative vs a commodity based derivative.

Is there a big tech difference between fetching spot vs future data and doing whatever math that need to be done on the option chain display ?

Not for option chain, that we have already for commodities… the shortcuts are build around watchlist as anchor and tied to the underlying spot.

K thanks for the clarification @PravinJ