Unable to view authorize option in position page to pledge my shares

Hi All
I am unable to see authorize option in my positions page in order to pledge my shares, what should be done if it does not appear within 9pm.

I did receive an email requesting to authorize, but it is not showing up in my position.


Same with me this is really frustrating time should not be 9 pm right now able to do it but please make sure to improve it

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@PravinJ Any suggestions as it has already gone past the cut off time?

Hi @rishikesh & @omkar,

We request you to drop us an email at mailto:help@dhan.co help@dhan.co with your details to have this checked.

Hi @rishikesh,

As discussed over call, your shares have been pledged successfully under MTF.

Feel free to Chat with us directly from the CS section of the App / Website or write us at help@dhan.co for any queries.