Unpledging of Securities

Hi Dhan Community / @PravinJ ,

I am unable to understand the pledging/unpledging of securities work at Dhan.

  1. Out of my total margin available on Dhan, 63% is utilized margin and 37% is available (NOT utilized).
  2. The total margin is created be pledging equity shares and LiquidBEES out of which 1 equity ISIN contributes to only 8% of total margin.
  3. When i apply to unpledge this 1 equity ISIN which should ideally reduce my total margin by 8% when I already have 37% unutilized, the unpledge is being rejected by Dhan explaining that the pledge is used for margin.

I am unable to understand the math behind why the unpledge is getting rejected?

Can someone please elaborate?

Hi @madhu

We tried reaching you on your registered mobile number and the same was unanswered.

Request you to kindly check your registered mail ID we have reverted the same.