Upcoming Features on Dhan: For AMJ '23 (April, May & June 2023)

Hello Everyone,

Firstly, we hope all of you are doing well and are excited about Investing & Trading for the new Financial Year 2023-24. We are excited for the coming times, and with you we continue to ensure that Dhan gets better everyday.

For our incredible user experience and awesome customer service that Dhan is focussed on, the start of 2023 has been exciting for all of us. Jan, Feb and March of 2023 have been great months as we continue to see the highest number of Traders & Investors on Dhan across all our platforms. We continue to build and ship things that matter for Traders & Investors and as always, your feedback, suggestions and support helps us build Dhan for you.

We continue with our tradition of building Dhan with our users - Super Traders and Long Term investors. Here is the list of things that we are building now and expect to launch in AMJ 2023.

1. Strategy Builder and Pre-Built Strategies for Commodity & Currency Traders

Dhan continues to witness a surge in commodity and currency traders - in the past months Commodity trades have grown > 10X and Currency trades have grown > 5X on Dhan. We doubled our commodity trades and traders in last month, one of the reasons for this growth has been the incredible commodity trading experience we provide for Commodities, and we aim to take that further with the most requested feature by Commodity Traders on Dhan - Custom Strategy Builder and Pre-Built Strategies in Commodity and Currency Segment. This will be first made available on the Options Trader on the Web platform.

Live Now: Now Live: Introducing Strategy Builder for Commodity & Currency Options with Pre-built Strategies

2. Mutual Fund Investments on Dhan

We have been working on this for very long and glad to inform our users that Mutual Fund Investments will soon be made available in private beta. We have finished building over 80% of this product, and now are in the last phase of development where we are ensuring we provide a seamless and best in class experience for our users. Dhan will offer zero commission Direct Mutual Funds to its users and at launch will be feature packed with everything that you could expect from a Mutual Fund investing platform.

3. Option Trading on TradingView.com

Many traders prefer to do their studies, analysis, research, indicators and signals on TradingView which is one of our favourite products as well. Dhan lets users trade directly from TradingView.com and also is the only Stock Trading platform in India that provides Free Webhooks for Order Execution. While Options data is not available on TradingView, we are working towards making Options Trading super simple for our Super Traders. While we are behind schedule on this, we will soon launch Webhooks as an newer Order type, making it super simpler for our users to trade in Options (and any segment) directly based on your studies on TradingView. This will be launched on the Dhan Web platform. PS: Also in case you missed, TradingView has awarded Dhan as one of the most Reliable Technology Brokers across the world… Yay!

4. Trade Directly from TradingView Apps (iOS and Android)

Dhan is the first stock broking platform in India to enable direct trading on TradingView.com with its Connect through Trade Panel, later we extended this functionality to TradingView app on iOS and very soon will be made available on TradingView’s Android App as well. Over 38,000 Super Traders on Dhan have now connected their Dhan account with TradingView - all of them will soon be able to trade from their TradingView’s apps as well.

Live Now: Now Live: Trade Directly on Dhan from TradingView Mobile Apps

5. Trading Notes on Dhan

Trading may be easy, but making money from trading is not! We have interacted with many disciplined traders and based on our interactions have enhanced the journey of Super Traders on Dhan with Trader’s Diary and Trader Controls. Very soon, we will introduce Trading Notes - where you will be able to add simple notes to every trade you make. Your Trading Notes will also be visible in your Trader’s Diary and Past Trades. Be a better & disciplined trader and manage your Risk while trading, only with Dhan!

Live Now: Introducing: Trading Notes on Dhan. Now add your notes to every Trade you take on Dhan!

6. Flash Trader on Dhan Web

Option Buyers already love using the Flash Trader that we recently introduced on Dhan app. We intend to extend this feature on Dhan Web as well, and eventually also bring this on Options Trader App and Web. Flash Trader helps traders quickly discover and trade in contracts that have Highest Volumes, Highest Open Interest and also are At-The-Money (ATM) on both Bullish or Bearish views.

7. Unified Login across all Web Platforms

Dhan currently operates three different web platforms - Dhan Web (web.dhan.co), TradingView console on Dhan (tv.dhan.co) and Options Trader Web (ot.dhan.co). We noticed that there is a significant overlap between users on our web platforms, and to make it further seamless and convenient for our users we will introduce a Unified Login across all Web Platforms.

Live Now: Introducing: Unified Login on Dhan Web Platforms

8. Updating Primary Bank Account

In our priorities for the year 2023 we mentioned that we want to ensure all requests our Traders and Investors have should be made digital. With that thought process, we earlier introduced updating of Email Address, Mobile Number and Nominations online, continuing with the same in this quarter we plan to introduce the functionality to Update Primary Bank Account as well to Dhan.

Live Now: Now Live: Update Primary Bank Online on Dhan

9. Glass Version: Options Trader App

We introduced our first release for 2023 - Dhan App Glass Version and our Super Traders and Investors simply love it. We now aim to extend the same incredible Glass experience to Options Trader app and along with that also bring new features and capabilities to the Options Trader app. We will speak in detail more when we launch this - Option Traders would love this!

10. Enhanced Option Chain on Dhan

Option Traders love the real-time Option Chain experience on Dhan and we have continued to improve the experience over the period with feedback and suggestions from our users. We also extended it across all platforms, including bringing an Advanced Option Chain and also integrating it directly on Dhan’s TradingView console. We will introduce an enhanced version of Option Chain soon, which will be lighter, faster and along with that highlight some incredible insights for you on the Options Chain itself.

11. Enhanced Referral Experience on Dhan

One of the key reasons we are able to grow every month is simple - Word of Mouth. We speak with many of our users and know that they were introduced to Dhan by their friends and family. That aside, we have an incredible Referral program where our users get 20% of all brokerage generated by their friends whom they refer to Dhan - this is for life-time and users can withdraw the referral reward directly to their Bank Account! We recently introduced QR for fast & easy referral to Dhan, and we are working to make the overall Referral experience even better than today.

12. Delivery Volumes for Stocks

Over past few months, we are witnessing more and more Intraday Trades on Cash segment along with positional Swing Traders, many of whom today are using the Margin Trading Facility where Dhan offers upto 4X margin benefit on up to 950+ stocks. For short-term traders, Dhan does provide Technicals along with Technical Orders and more recently launched Forever Orders on Equity enabled on top of DDPI - another first one in the Stock Broking industry from Dhan. We are now considering enabling delivery volumes for such short-term traders and investors to track delivery v/s intraday trading volumes across all stocks.

13. Upcoming Corporate Actions

We introduced Corporate Actions sometime back and it is already a very popular feature on Dhan along with Dividend Tracking for Investors and Real-Time News. Some of our users had requested for introducing upcoming Corporate Actions and we expect to bring this on Dhan in a few weeks. We believe this should benefit a lot of Investors as well as Swing Traders on Dhan.

14. Market Feeds APIs

We know we are running behind schedule on this and there is a reason for the same - we want the Market Feeds APIs to be super fast. We internally are in the final stages of testing a new broadcast system that is visibly faster than existing one on Dhan also that what industry standards are. Dhan’s SuperFast Trading APIs are now consumed by over 500+ API based traders for order execution, and also by 50+ partners including the likes of TradingView, Smallcase, Tata Capital, GoCharting, and many more. We will introduce Market Feed APIs for all API based traders and Algo Traders in our suite of Dhan HQ SuperFast Trading APIs.

15. Updated Baskets Experience

It’s been a while that Dhan introduced Baskets across all our platforms - App, Web and TradingView. With newer enhancements to our web platform (web.dhan.co) and deeper integrations on our Options Trader on web platform (ot.dhan.co) - we have noticed an uptick in the usage of Baskets on Dhan. We aim to simplify baskets experience from the existing ones, and post that introduce more capabilities for Traders.

16. Statements Previews on App & Web

Over the past few months we have introduced multiple enhancements across Dhan to improve all statements experience - this includes the recent Quicko integration for tax filing, introduction of Trader’s Diary as Journal and more. We continue to work further on this, and also introduce statement previews on App & Web in coming weeks - this will be over and above the email based statements we presently have on Dhan.

17. Scaling our Systems and Underlying Tech & Infrastructure

In the past one year, Dhan has grown > 25X times in terms of transactions processed and 2X in just the past 45 days. We now have over 500+ API based traders who are trading directly on top of DhanHQ SuperFast Trading APIs, and large traders who are executing over 100+ trades/day and some even doing over 1000+ trades/day. Our DhanHQ Super-fast trading APIs are consumed by over 50+ partners in multiple domains - few of the partners are featured here. To support this scale and growth, we are changing the way our systems (Apps and Web Trading platforms) are handling and processing these large orders & high volume trades and at the same time - also ensuring our underlying APIs and technology infrastructure are scaling up to seamlessly process everything at a lightning-fast speed.

Live Now: Tech & Infra Upgrade: Order Execution Time on Dhan is now up to 5 times faster than earlier

Is that all - definitely no! There is more that is happening under the radar at Dhan and all of us are working towards ensuring we bring to you Lightning-Fast Investing & Trading experience every day and at all the times.

Keep Investing & Trading on Dhan, and help us build an incredible platform for you.

Thank you,


within a week of trading i shifted back to fyers. reason

  1. while changing chart randomly on any of the script in MW, chart area freeze. than i have to refresh page.
    chart responsiveness has a problem frequently.

  2. many time i am unable to cancel open pending order. it keeps prompt “some thing went wrong! error” . than after 1-2 min upon retry it work.

this force me to shift back to old broker

Hi @amardiip Welcome to Dhan community.

  1. Please check your app version, chart load-times we improved immensely and are now served from dedicated machines.
  2. For Cancel open pending order, please share the respective order ids with us on help@dhan.co and we will review the same.

@PravinJ - Thanks for the heads-up. Appreciate the new upcoming features.

One suggestion regarding Options Trader app - Please keep this app as minimal as possible (as it is currently). Also, we are able to access option chain directly from the home screen and which is great (pl keep it same).

yes @pratik01 we will retain the most used features on Options Trader app when we update this.

What about alert system
It also need improvement

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Yes same issue happened with me frequently I have to hard refresh or refresh the page
Please Dhan team look in this matter

Hi @PravinJ .
Thanks for the heads up on upcoming features this quarter.
Is the option to change the primary bank account is already available?
I have done it yesterday only. Or am I missing something here?
I am waiting for the option to delete the existing bank account. Please consider this.

The most basic functions are very unreliable with dhan. I traded today after a long time to see whether there are any problems. When i exited carryover spread trade, the short trade was executed but the long trade failed. When I tried to close the long trade, it executed 2 times i.e. sell and again buy. Another order i placed at a limit price, it got executed at market price. I am sorry but I can make do with lean system, but a long list of updates with such horrible trade execution is a complete no no. Please make your system fast and reliable, until then i am sorry to say but this cannot be used for trading.

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Hi @nkspro will ask our team to review trades on your account and connect with you.

Features are being rolled out to few users. Noted this, will incorporate this.

What about alert system

This is also work in progress @Pawarpankaj07. It will be also integrated in some of our existing products.

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  • Please bring the OCO feature on forever order in equity as well as it will be quite helpful for swing traders. With DPPI in place this will be the icing on cake for sing traders. Please consider

  • Also please explore option of placing OCO orders (Forever) directly from Trading view charts. This will take Dhan a long way ahead of others

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Hi @Arathivp

At this moment, we provide Forever order wherein you can place either Target or Stoploss for Equity. We have noted your feedback to bring Forever OCO on Equity and also will explore the possibilities to add this directly via charts.

Thankyou for your feedback.

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Any plan to launch support for currencies & commodities on Tradingview ?

Great to hear that MFs are coming and will be feature packed. I have shared few feedback related to it and wanted to see if they will be part of it or not, like:

  1. comparing performance of fund managers and not just fund
  2. Comparing portfolio overlap between 2 mutual funds

More such features can be found on Tools
Especially pls check their fund pages and something similar will be appreciated.

Lots of update around option trading.
Why you focus more on option trading?
What about positional and swing trader?

Price alert is biggest weapon for positional and swing trader also for investor.

Why you not focus on it as like option trading?

Zerodha - sentinel is much more front in race of price alart.and it is the identity of the market leader.

Dhan have more day trader than positional and swing trader because of this important things.