Upcoming Features on Dhan: for May 2022

Kindly add lookback period in your CPR indicator (both daily & weekly), i basically need last 1-2 days cpr but without lookback period or historical plot, it mess up my chart also loading time of CPR indicator is horrible.

Also please add monthly CPR its a useful tool.

Consider this ASAP…in May & June update…

Will it be possible (now or later) to have colour flag stocks in watchlist feature in Dhan.TV?
Or any marking/tagging system?

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Live News went live today for all users on app. Full announcement here: Introducing: Live News on Dhan

For web users, we will go live mostly in a week’s time.


After Smallcase Integration Can we able to login into other apps with smallcase? :face_in_clouds:
@Dhan_Help @PravinJ @Naman

I have recently added the dhan options app ,for trading in the options,

It is appreciable that you have strategies in place for options trading.but as is often in options trading that strategies often have to be adjusted for the correcting the strategy as per the market.

Like in Sensibull ,once you take a strategy it is reflected on a live basis the position of the trade ,and it allows you to adjust the trade ,if the payoff graph is favourable you can initiate the adjustment trade.

But this is not yet available in dhan.if you guys can provide for it in future releases it will be a winner.


Amiteswar Sen

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Hi @9425178487

Yes, that’s on the cards. Current Options Trader app is our first version to market… on Dhan our experience keeps getting better everyday.

How about building the whole Sensibull, Opstra like platform at Raise?

Hi @Siddharth

We are building Options Trader: Options Traders - Options Trading App Built for India | Dhan

This of course is the first version of same, it will evolve over time as we do for all products at Dhan.

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Hi @sajjad We have this on our roadmap. Mutual Funds will be coming up this year, we will let know when we start working on this.

Can we expect Sell side forever order by first week of June?

Hi @Satyam, this will be in June itself, while we usually don’t commit on timelines as these release cycle have dependencies, this one are most likely to release by mid-June.

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Hi @PravinJ sir… Along with the introduction of Sell side Forever Order, please upgrade existing Forever Order too…

Like currently Trigger price should be less than CMP… that does not help… It should be flexible… take this example: I want to buy BEL at breakout between 257.5 to 258… but i can’t set trigger price above CMP. Please make it flexible.

hey @kuntalroy4

Welcome to Dhan, yes - we do have this feedback. It will be corrected as well, forever orders will be getting a huge update from the existing one.

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Thank u so much @PravinJ sir for this warm welcome… What I really love is the response of Dhan team… thank u for being such amazing team, listening to our feedback and considering those to be implemented… Thank u once again.

Welcome @kuntalroy4 , here is the list of features we are planning for June & July: Upcoming Features on Dhan: June & July 2022

Hi @MostlyNerd

Smallcase is now available on Dhan with a seamless investing experience. Read more on this here: Now Live: Smallcase. Invest in ideas via smallcase on Dhan. For FREE, and with a seamless experience :grinning: