Upcoming Features on Dhan: for September & October

An icon next to instrument name to show its in watchlist, holdings should be a nice addition.

I mentioned this point in past but still no improvement in alert section

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We just introduced Trader’s Controls on Dhan to help you trade better. Full post below:

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Update: We just introduced Real-Time Technicals on Dhan web.

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  1. Custom Strategy Builder for Mobile Also along with Web version.

  2. Option Greeks Selection in Mobile Option Chain Also, presently Greeks are not visible in Option Chain, Individual Strike Price Greeks are available. Option Greeks are desired in Option Chain also in Mobile app.

  3. Market Feed API is required.

Hi @bsjhala

Welcome to Dhan community.

  1. Yes, we will bring Custom Strategy Builder to Mobile as well, the first version will go on web.
  2. Greeks on Mobile Option Chain, noted.
  3. Yes, Market Feeds API we have plans to make it open for all.
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Before launching more features, why can’t your team fix the basic feature of proper PNL report. Its been so many months and how many people have been raising the same concern - can the team not fix this or your team doesn’t know how to do it?

Hi @Sunitha

Welcome to Dhan community. We have responded to this here: PNL Report issue & Features to be added - #11 by PravinJ

Can you please consider to add these features also to Dhan?

  1. Hedge margin facility against the FNO position holding. Zerodha is having this facility

  2. Stop loss order based on the index spot price. Currently SL orders are working with derivative live price.


Can we get a better way to check P&L statement , currently it comes to the email . but an option to view it in a graphical format day wise can be good .

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Thank you for sharing your feedback about Dhan with us. We have noted this and will evaluate the possibility of adding P&L in graphical format and a better way to generate P&L statements.


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please add MTF as early as possible with the best in class.interest rates thanks.7.99 per annum best now try to lower down bit Thanks

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Hi @vrpatilisl, MTF is coming soon - however interest rates won’t be what have indicated. There is significantly higher cost of funds for a broker., the current interest rates in the industry are between 18-24% percent and some even higher. We never compete on pricing on Dhan, just want to ensure we give the best product and customer experience to our users.

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Hey, again we prefer not to look at the competition when we build our products, services or offerings - but again, banks costs of funds is actually near-zero, that’s the advantage they have, we dont :frowning:. If we ever own a bank… :slight_smile:

There are tons of hidden costs and interest charges in such offers btw, would always suggest to read the fine print for any of the prices that get mentioned. Some of the players charge an annual fees of 2500 + 18% taxes to then get you MTF at 10%, one of them asks users to pay life time subscription of 1 Lac + 18% taxes and then gives you 8.7%.

I generally keep a track more from customer experience point of view. There are many complains from users where charges get debited from ledger / bank… one of my accounts, deducts 750 + taxes every quarter from my account - where my holdings are less than 25,000… one very old account.

I wouldn’t say we are better or they are, that’s for users to decide. but I would just suggest always read fine print :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: