Update: BSE SENSEX & BANKEX Options Trading on Dhan

Hi Everyone,

Yes, we have lots of requests already for BANKEX and SENSEX Trading and also observing that the trading volumes on these are growing up every week. Most of our product roadmap, and things we ship on Dhan is based on feedback and suggestions we get from our users, including this community.

Update on this, we have started taking steps towards introducing SENSEX and BANKEX on Dhan, and we expect them to go live by first half of August. We wish we could do this faster, but there are few important things that are on current product development roadmap. Namely the following,

a. Underlying infrastructure for trade processing: As many have already noticed that we have drastically improved our order execution speeds and experience, this is work in progress and we see lots of room for us to further improve our capabilities. We don’t want to leave this task in between - we will continue with same in the background.

b. MCX on a New Trading System: For folks who may not be aware - Dhan is ranked in top 5 broking platforms for trading volumes on commodity segments on MCX. Simply put, there are lots and lots of users who now do commodity trading via Dhan. While this is happening, MCX is moving to a new exchange trading system and we want to ensure that we are live on this on Day 1 and experience continues to be seamless. Our teams are super busy with this task.

c. Mutual Funds on Dhan: Yes, it’s coming soon. We are in final stages of product development and testing and hope to bring Mutual Funds on Dhan shortly, we hope in June itself.

Wait, this is too long? Other platforms have already enabled this, why is Dhan so slow?
Nope, Dhan is not slow. In fact we ship things possibly the fastest cause we build most of our product & tech in-house. Most platforms use underlying broking systems where BSE is already integrated and they just have to enable F&O segment. In our case, we do a lot more than that.

It’s also important that when we bring BANKEX and SENSEX expiry trading on Dhan, we enable this with full experience - which includes Order Types, Option Chain, Analytics, Strategy Builder, Pre-Built Strategies, Pay-Off graphs and also across all our platforms - Dhan, Options Trader and TradingView console.

So yes, lots of things happening in Dhan that is keeping our small team busy. Good things take some time, we appreciate your patience.

Thank you


@PravinJ does this affect the schedule

Hey @t7support, hopefully not. The deadline for implementation for same is September, thats but far. However, will still have to check if anything changes from perspective of integrations or possibly a future migration that we may want to avoid.


Thanks very much Pravin bhai…eagerly looking forward

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Any update on how long it will take to live BSE derivative on Dhan?


When will banknifty lot size change into 15 will apply ?

As on friday 30th june some broker started trading in 15 lot size .

When dhan is going to make changes ?

Hi @Amitagsk,

It is changed for expiries starting 27th July.

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Dhan ka aap bahut jyada hang ho raha expiry day pe 2 pm bad to trede lene k bad show nhi krta 2 minutes Tak

Hello @JayK but it is still showing 25 quantity in one lot both in dhan and options trading app …and I have already checked whether there are any update on playstore but found not update available…
Plz check screenshot attached

Hi @DebadattaMahakud, you are checking contracts for 06 July. You will have to see for contracts expiring for 27th July.

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Lot size change firstly start for monthly contracts and then weekly contracts follow up. This is from NSE side to make a smooth transition giving time for everyone to adjust their position.

Hello Sir!

Any updates on this post?


@stanleyepkis we recently posted an update for this - Upcoming: Risk Policy for BSE Sensex & Bankex (F&O) Trading on Dhan

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Hi praveen sir, when can we expect BSE derivatives on dhan app??

Hi @Buvaneshpkb Very soon, we are already working on this one.

As @shraddha mentioned above, here is the latest update: Upcoming: Risk Policy for BSE Sensex & Bankex (F&O) Trading on Dhan

Any update on Sensex Future & Options trading ?

Hi @ROHIT123 We will positively go live in this month itself, ie. August

2ND WEEK OF AUGUST is here…when are we starting BSE FNO???