Update: Downtime Instance today (3rd July, 2023)

Dear All,

We wanted to address the downtime issue on Dhan App and Web between 9:18 AM to 9:30 AM.

First off, we would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused by the downtime. We are building to give you the best possible experience, and today was one of the rare times when we could not do so for a few minutes.

A preliminary RCA has revealed that our systems experienced downtime due to a significant volume of users trying to log in to our platforms simultaneously.

As a result, a number of you were unable to log in while a handful of users saw a lag in their positions.

We have already started to conduct a thorough RCA on the issue and be rest assured that we will post an update on the incident with our plan to ensure that it does not repeat in the future.

For issues related to today’s downtime, please write to us at help3july@dhan.co.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.



Aur Jo Loss hua uska kya, Opposite orders lge uska kya, who will compensation us??

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apologize for the inconvenience (sentence) = loss recovered @Mthrpnkj24


Even after the recent tech upgrade at Dhan if this is happening then it means tech infra needs to be upgraded further to support concurrent login of all users at Dhan.


Hi @shraddha ,

Looking for an answer…




It is my first time using dhan app, and I am still not able to login!

@shraddha ,

Isn’t this basics of load tests?

I guess unknown users logged-in today or no of users must have doubled over the weekend. :expressionless:

i faced 80 point of loss due to this glitch, i don’
t think sorry will fix this
and the mail you gave says - the group you tried to contact (help3july) may not exist
who is responsible and where can we find help

Hi @Ashwini

Welcome to the Dhan community.

It is working request you to try again.

We are here to address your concerns dont worry.

What i hate about this incident was that between 9:18-10:00 am , non of community staff member notify about this problem, nor any email / push notification is received .

I tried calling but call didnt went ( i might be having network problem since im traveling ) , but ultimately i was puzzle why im not able to login in your app/site, only after opening community .dhan.co i understood that broker is facing problem .

So i humbly request to your team to have a system where you can inform us if such incident occurs in realtime again, else its funny that one has to login into community page to see if same problem is faced by other users or not

From what i understand, tomorrow again this problem can occur if many people try to login in “simultaneously” especially at/near 9:15 .

I hope your team find the solution to the problem soon because root cause cant be 'simultaneous login,

It’s hard not to be disappointed when something like this happens and you say it was because a large number of users were trying to log in simultaneously.

You say you are one of the brokers who take pride in the number of active users and yet do not take into account for when all those users would log in on a monday.

I had mentioned this problem last week itself where Dhan felt laggy and non-responsive for the first few minutes during open and then came back to optimum performance later. Today, the same issue resurfaced, further confirming the presence of an underlying issue.


i logged in earlier and when i placed my order it lagged
after 10 min when page loaded i show my order was executed and i was in loss
then after i tried to square off my position for 30 min and loss keep on increase .
it took the order while buying but and on selling. i wish i also would have face login issue. atlest i wont be in the trade.
i dont know what kind of help will they provide for my loss

Buy order executed but sell order not executed.
God blessed, not went in loss

@t7support Who will cover our losses??

As posted here write to help3july@dhan.co with u r scenario and you should get the answer for your question.

Kindly notify via mail, sms , Whatsapp if you are having such downtime or performance issues
it’s not users who will always figure out


Save your capital.
Don’t trade with Dhan.

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Hello Everyone!

We have noticed an increase in community posts today, which is understandable due to the impact of the downtime. Our team is actively resolving the same and is also interacting with users who have written to us. To specifically address the downtime issue today, we have created a separate email address: help3july@dhan.co, where users can reach out to us in real time for assistance. We have proactively contacted users who have expressed their concerns on the community platform to ensure a swift response.

While our team is resolving the issue actively, unfortunately we have also observed posts with malicious users who have created fake usernames on community or posting even where there are no trades for the said accounts. This has hindered our ability to assist users who have genuinely been impacted by the downtime.

As a small team, this is a distraction for us - and we will taking down these accounts for not abiding with the community guidelines listed here.

Since the beginning of our journey, we have strived to maintain transparency within the community by sharing both the ups and downs with everyone. We understand that transparency can have its challenges, but the trust of our community members is of utmost importance to us, and we are committed to preserving it.

While it’s important to note that the Dhan community is not an official customer support channel, we value the trust and dependence of our members on the community to share their views and believe in building Dhan together with our users. All genuine queries of our users are being responded to.

We kindly request all members to adhere to the community guidelines, treat each other with respect, and contribute to creating an outstanding trading and investing experience.

Best regards,
Community Manager - Dhan