Update: (On-Hold) MCX is going live with New Trading Platform from 3 Oct 2023

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MCX is going live with its new Trading Platform - Commodity Derivatives Platform from Tuesday - 3rd October 2023. More details on this are in this MCX circular that was issued yesterday night.

We have discussed this in our Community Forum earlier that we have fully tested our integrations with MCX and are ready to go live. We have also been participating in ongoing Mock Trading sessions of MCX and will also keep going doing so further to ensure that all our platforms seamlessly integrate and newer updates are deployed.

Unlike most of the broking platforms that have a third-party OMS (Order Management System) / RMS (Risk Management System), Dhan now has its own Trading System. We process over 99.9% of trades on Dhan through our own Trading System that we built in-house on latest technology stack in less than 12 months. This gives us super flexibility in shipping core trading products & build our own capabilities that help us to be much faster. It also makes us one of only new-age Stock Trading platform that owns and manages its entire technology infrastructure including core trading systems.

Dhan also has significantly high trading volumes and traders in the Commodities Segment - owing to its seamless trading features, capabilities and experience that are designed specifically for Commodity Traders, we wrote about them sometime back here - Commodity Trading Experience on Dhan - Simple, Smooth, & Seamless!

That said, I have always maintained that Trading Systems are generally in my personal opinion some of the most complex technology systems in financial world. While trading activity in commodities usually picks up in evening post 5:00 PM on Dhan, we would still suggest our users to please monitor your trades on 3rd October 2023 as the exchange transitions to a new trading system. Along with you, of course Dhan team will continue to monitor all its systems while we move to the new MCX system.

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Surprised to know that Dhan is the only platform that maintains its own OMS and RMS. Kudos to the team!

The commodity option chain is supposed to show prices according to future prices, but it is showing prices as per spot price. Chart data is being provided as futures, but the option chain is as per spot. It is very confusing and difficult to trade, and sometimes wrong trades and losses

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Spot Prices are updated by MCX for commodities just once or twice in a day.

Since the underlying for commodity options is futures showing that would be better than spot.

Hope you see the difference about what Iโ€™m talking about. Notice the strike prices and ATM OTM ITM between two option chain. It should be in sync with chart.

Hi @DeltaTrader We had evaluated this + also considered taking international crude prices an displaying - there are times when these prices are off and we donโ€™t want users to take trades based on prices that do not reflect underlying spot.

We had even checked if exchange itself can send price updates more frequentlyโ€ฆ will still explore how we can make things better.

Note: As per new circular issued by MCX - The rollout of new Trading Platform is on HOLD.

More details here: https://www.mcxindia.com/docs/default-source/circulars/english/2023/september/mcxtech6592023--implementation-of-commodity-derivative-platform-(cdp).pdf?sfvrsn=d5638291_0