Update on Watchlist - Now track Open = High/Low

Hi Traders and Investors,

We know that Watchlists on Dhan are one of the most loved features. Watchlists stand as a vital tool for monitoring the markets and identifying potential stocks and scrips for trading. That’s why we’ve ensured that watchlists are readily accessible on all key sections of our platform, particularly on the web.

As always, in response to the feedback of our users, we have constantly been working to improve the watchlist experience. Consequently, on Dhan, you can track 1000+ scripts in 10 watchlists, in addition to the custom watchlist “Invested” which is customised for you based on your investments.

Additionally, in each watchlist, you can see performance of each script since it was added to the watchlist making it easier to track on Dhan. Beyond tracking prices, you can also create shortcuts for instance access to Option Chain, Options Summary & Futures Summary and directly access it from watchlist itself.

Today, we are thrilled to announce an addition to watchlists on Dhan. It is now even more insightful. You can now track scripts where Open = High (O=H) & Open = Low (O=L) in your watchlist.

Any stocks or scrip available in your watchlist that have Extreme Opening will come with a purple or blue colour tag & text “O=H” & “O=L”. This signifies that the opening price of the stock for the day equals its highest or lowest price for the day, at that time.

If the stock has O=L tag i.e. open price equals low price, it means that the stock has moved only upside today and buyers are/were more aggressive than the sellers. Similarly, in case where the stock has O=H tag i.e. opening price equals high price, it means that the stock has moved only downside today and sellers are/were more aggressive than the buyers.

These tags will be updated twice; first at 9:08 AM basis the pre-market session. And second, when the market opens at 9:15 AM, depending upon the opening price at 9:15 AM. Additionally, at 9:15 AM, both tags of O=H and O=L will be visible for the same stock. This will prevail until price fluctuates due to further trading activity in those stocks.

Please note that these tags are updated in real time. For example, let’s say HDFC’s opening price at 9:15 AM was Rs. 1,600. Thereafter, the price stayed below this level till about 1:30 PM. From 9:15 AM to 1:30 PM the tag of O=H will be visible for HDFC. At 1:31 PM when HDFC price reaches Rs. 1601, the tag will disappear. Thus, the tags will be automatically updated in real time by the system, based on price movements.

At Dhan, we recently made this feature along with key insights available for Option Chain. With the overwhelming response, we have now extended the same feature to Dhan Watchlists as well. Also, we will be coming up with a feature where you can track all the stocks with “Extreme Opening” at one place in the near future.

This Open = High/Low feature is currently live on Dhan App. We will also be bringing it on other Dhan platforms. We will eagerly wait for your feedback. Let us know below in the thread what other insights you wish to see in watchlists.

Happy Trading,


While this feature is useful. The watchlist on iOS app has been a mess after this update. The %change since added (which is not available on web) is completely broken.

I have tried to wait, check other possibilities, tried adding removing. But it seems, it is randomly broken and works only for old scripts added to my watchlist before the update.

To reproduce this, add scripts from Web or App to a watchlist, open it in the app, and you will see it changes the LTP of the time of being added to watchlist to the time you open the app(the LIVE LTP) and starts from there. Sometimes, it stays like that, sometimes it resets again on next App launch.

This is one of the features which makes Dhan stand out from others and it’s not working properly anymore. Could you please get this checked?

Hi @indianets Can you share a screenshot of this on feedback@dhan.co. Its would fine at our end, haven’t received any feedback from any users yet.

@PravinJ Thank you for your reply.

I have send an email with attachments as you said, and I am not sure why no one gave any feedback on this. To note, I have uninstalled and logged into the app to avoid any local issues as well. But it keeps happening.

I am attaching privacy-friendly parts of the SS here. You can see in first SS, when I opened the app, it recorded that LTP as LTP when added, and the continued with that as base in second SS after a few seconds.

after a few seconds

Hi @Dhan team,
Can you add a filter in watchlist to filter out O=H O=L in one click?
It will be very helpful.


Hi @DeltaTrader

Good to see you after a while.

Noted your suggestion to optimize the watchlist with insights.

Thank you!