Update return percentage when the time period is changed

I recently moved from Groww to Dhan but I am missing a very simple yet very important feature that when I am looking at a particular stock and when the timeline/duration is changed, please update/show the return according to the chosen duration.

Hi @gmatesunny ,
The highlighted percentage displays the changes that occurred on that particular day and doesn’t vary as per any time period. We have noted your suggestion and will explore if we can implement it.

Do update me if this feature gets implemented as just for this particular feature missing, I have to open another website to see the different returns based on time period.

Sure, we will let you know once we plan on implementing it :+1:

You guys can plan to display to graph as it is shown in ET money. The Values at the bottom changes depending on the time period.

Any update on my feature request?

Thanks for highlighting this @gmatesunny . Right now, it’s not part of our product roadmap but we will notify you once we plan on implementing it.

Hi Team,
Any update on my request. The attached screenshots is from groww which is still my primary stock broker and this is the only feature which is stopping me from making dhan my primary stock broker platform