Verify P&L feature request


Need Dhan’s own verify P&L feature similar to what Sensibull is offering.

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We would rather focus on building core trading features and capabilities that help trader’s trade better.


Hello @PravinJ

Hope you’re doing great.

Yes, I understand that you want to build only tools and features that are useful to traders.

But, let me assure you that building such add-on features will provide visibility to Dhan. People will start sharing Dhan-based verified P/L screenshot and links on social media platforms. This might be helpful to attract more app installs and registrations.

For e.g. let’s take a case of Google. More than 90% of Google’s application and services are free for customers. Their main source of revenue is Google Ads (via Search engine). Google never said that we will only build features that are useful for search engine.

They have built many add-ons/tools/features that engage users at multiple levels. Hence, Google has a most loyal customer base which indirectly boost their advertisement business.

Moreover, Dhan now has such a beautiful UI that even traders who are loyal to other apps would definitely would love to try Dhan app. So, it’s a win-win situation.

Pravin, it’s just a suggestion to build a portal for verified P&L.


Thanks for your note again and for your kind words about Dhan and your trust on us. Just re-iterating that our focus continues to building better trading & investing products that help them trade better and grow.

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Hey, its March now, can you guys bring your own Verified P&L sharing feature or integrate with Sensibull

Hi @Ziaul, welcome to Dhan community.

We have no plans to bring Verified P&L or similar features. As mentioned above, our focus lies on improving trading & investing features for our users, in that line - we have introduced many risk management tools as part of Trader’s Controls and now improving overall trading experience as we scale.

Our APIs are available for anyone to integrate, we would be happy for Sensibull to start integrating, will be glad to support that.