Was not able to exit position. Not expected

Hi team,

I placed iceberg BUY order for 18000 (360 lots) quantity nifty50. I wanted to exit my position. Both ways failed:

  1. ‘Exit All’ button not responsive and did not work. Clicked multiple times.

  2. Tried to exit position by clicking on that purchased stock by Selling same 18000 quantity but got some ‘error’ screen showing something on risk management (?).

  3. Successful exited by selling all 360 lots by first selling 359 lots and then last lot.


  1. This is not expected how exit all button should work.

  2. What is that risk management error screen please :frowning: ?

Overall good experience but really need work on these aspects.

Hi @pratik01 ,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We are getting this checked.

@RahulDeshpande please ping once that ‘risk management’ error screen issue is resolved. Unfortunately, will need to transit to other broker app meanwhile.

Hi @pratik01 Can you send the order ids to us on help@dhan.co. Will have to look in the logs.

Hi @PravinJ as asked I’ve dropped an email with you in cc. Please check. Have mentioned all the details. Thanks!

@PravinJ @RahulDeshpande this might be a serious issue.

My BUY order got successfully executed for 18000 quantity (360 lots) using iceberg with 7 legs

There might be a bug in SELL side iceberg and did not split 18000 quantity as per the freeze limit. Hence got ‘freeze limit exceeded’ error.

Please check urgently.


Hi @pratik01

We tried and replicated the same scenario at our end. It worked for both the transaction side. You can execute quantity more than freeze limit from order placement screen. It will automatically slice and send as iceberg order (multiple legs). {Irrespective of quantity, whether 360 or 359 lots, it was just a coincidence in your case that API call for that fraction of second didn’t poll}

When you want to squareoff using “Exit All” button, it will not slice as iceberg and you will get rejection message for “freeze limit exceed”. Request you to squareoff position with quantity more than freeze limit using order placement screen.

Okay thanks @Naman got it. ‘Exit all’ and iceberg are not compatible.

But regarding order placement screen I tried to square-off 5 times from there. It failed and showed quantity freeze limit error screen all times.

But fine API call might not have poll at my end at that time.

Thanks for support!

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@PravinJ @RahulDeshpande @Naman again faced this issue few days back.

Was not able to exit my position with 360 lots (18000 quantity). Also, this time I noticed that while exiting the position the iceberg toggle was turned ‘OFF’. Was not able to manually turn toggle ‘ON’ since this seems to work automatically. Forgot taking screenshot since I was in hurry to exit the position.

Again, had to first exit 359 lots then the last one.

Team, please look into this issue.

Please test this real-time at your end with 360 lots nifty50 options.

There might be a bug which is preventing iceberg toggle to turned ‘ON’ while exiting positions and hence giving that freeze limit error screen.