Watchlist are not in sync on Dhan web and Dhan tv

@Naman @PravinJ @Kiran
An automatic system generated watch list is created for all my holdings on Dhan web coollll :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Whenever I exit or enter current/new holding it will automatically added to this watch list.

You named this watch list as: Invested But the same is not appearing on TV platform.

Will you please sync this system generated watch list on TV platform?

Again now we can download watchlist in csv format on Dhan web, but not possbile to import from csv file

When we had this live on TradingView console, user’s were adding scrips to their invested watchlist - which temporarily appeared but then used to disappear - this is because invested list is an auto-created watchlist by Dhan and gets sync’d based on user’s portfolio.

While users are busy trading, they usually didn’t realise they are adding scrips to invested list… which our systems check in background and were auto deleting. Led to users complaining that watchlists aren’t working on TradingView.

Tell me now how I can bring this into Dhan TV, I can’t delete this on Dhan web platform.