Web Platform v/s Desktop Terminal : what do you prefer?

We have few community members who prefer to trade on web platforms and a few of them are comfortable with Terminals.

This thread is meant for sharing your views on the same.

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I started trading at a time when desktop applications were around and in vogue. In those days I use to crave for a mobile app to keep track of things when am mobile. I have tried things like remote desktop access via a mobile (not elegant at all) over a 3G connection then.

I think the modern browser based and mobile apps are way better than desktop apps those days. I know a very small set of traders still use desktop app but its certainly not the preferred platform.

Information flow and execution speed should be similar for web based apps and desktop apps which exchange information with the broker end via an internet connection. If the desktop app were to process data locally it would be faster. But here that is not the case.


DHAN option web
2 nd option - Dhan Web
3rd option - option trader app ( only while out of home or office ) :slightly_smiling_face:

Web Platform is the best .

At present the Dhan WEB platform (homepage) is TOOOOOOOO MUCH CLUTTERED and for people like us living in villages where INTERNET SPEED with 4G is like 3g only…DHAN WEB platfrom becomes TOOOOO MUCH HEAVY TO LOAD up and refresh causing inconveneinc in trading.

So please make a SEPARATE WEB TRADING PLATFORM (just like OPTIONS TRADER WEB) which is CLUTTER FREE and DISPLAYS MINIMAL BUT ESSENTIAL things only (taking inspiration from ZERODHA KITE)…OR please MOVE THE EXISTING BULK DATA(screeners,OI,world indices eteetetcccc present on DHAN WEB HOMEPAGE to a separate TAB OPTION )

PLease think about his @RahulDeshpande
and please ADD MONTHLY AND TOMORROW CPR INDICATOR taking cues from CPR BY KGS indicator available in FREE TV.

I still prefer to use a platform or terminal if its available (desktop). I am not at all comfortable trading on a mobile or using google chrome browsers.

maybe because I am little old for new tech :upside_down_face:


A. The desktop terminal decreases the time required to load customized settings and transmit converted instructions back and forth.

B. Additional, streamlined features are available for order placement and technical indicator calculations, enabling informed decisions to be made.

Please note that only Interactive Brokers provide MAC terminals. A desktop terminal facilitates the creation of personalized scripts for automated decisions generated by customers. This functionality is integrated (https://www.arthachitra.com/).

At times, decisions are based on price movements, with Excel and Google Sheets being used for calculation. Empower these capabilities within the desktop terminal, offering technological prowess and emotional stability.

Always prefer desktop terminal over web

Web platforms are a remarkable innovation for trading. I personally have experience with Desktop Trading Applications such as NSE NOW, BSE BOW, NEST, Odin, BBG Trading Terminal, and GreekSoft Terminal. The main challenge was these software solutions were primarily designed for Windows OS (debarring us from using Apple Products :stuck_out_tongue: ). When it came to charts, we had to rely on separate platforms like Falcon and Amibroker. However, web-based platforms have seamlessly integrated trading and charting functionalities into a unified system. Also, the speed of execution on these web platforms is comparable to that of Desktop Applications.

Transitioning from a traditional mindset focused on Desktop-based trading to embracing Web/App-based solutions was challenging for me initially. Nevertheless, I find it somewhat challenging now to consider reverting back to the older approach. In my perspective, for retail trading, web-based platforms hold significant power and capability.

Having said that in scenarios involving very high trading volumes (In millions of shares), where thorough checks are conducted prior to order placement and execution, and only subsequently routed to different broker’s desks, Desktop Applications, in conjunction with BBG, still find utility.


Another hack…Tradingview has a desktop terminal. Dhan is integrated with Tradingview in the broker panel.

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Will be a good addition if @Dhan can bring a desktop terminal. Many large volume traders prefer desktop based terminals.
TX3 by Nuvama is a good application.
Else something like Nest / xts can be considered

Thats right. I think only IB has a standalone mac app. The cost of mac-mini M2 is matching an intel 13th gen i7 desktop. Brokers might consider developing standalone terminals for mac soon.

I would love to switch to mac-mini

Web platforms are best…