Web vs App Usage

I recently read that 25% of the trades in cash segment on NSE are coming from mobile, that in turn means 50% of the retail volume (as 50% contribution of retail in total)

  1. Do we see similar trend in dhan? What is % of app users vs web users vs both?
  2. I believe most of the serious traders are on web hence most of the revenue shall be coming from web but most of the users will be on app, is that understanding correct?
  3. How does this data look like basis segments, i believe most of the F&O segment users will be on web.

Hi @tarun101, For Dhan, ~ 80% orders come from app and ~20% orders come from web. We see serious traders on the web, and inline with that are enhancing our web experience and making things must faster on web. Mobile, we launched the Glass version this year in Jan 2023.

Option Traders have same distribution of Web & App, that aside we have power users on Dhan using APIs and Webhooks for TradingView (for Options Trading) as well. These are small comparatively with other platforms, but very popular with Dhan users.

thanks @PravinJ ,

80% order from app is huge, that must be translating into 80% revenues from app due to flat brokerage structure.

IMO, i as a pro trader find dhan web to be more comprehensive and usable then app, i use app only for tracking my positions and not for analysing/entering the position.

Not really in revenue terms, Investing mostly happens from the App… I had mentioned this long time back on Dhan community, which is when we took a call to make Web more trader-first (with all right balances and checks) as we see most of investing behaviour on the app.

ps: We are only one of the few brokers who have kept Investing fully free, most of the industry has moved to INR 20 for delivery or cash segment. Yes, so mobile wise - orders numbers being high on mobile would not mean revenue being high as well.

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That make sense, majority of the volumes are driven by delivery on the exchange itself.

However, what i am failing to understand is that if 80% of the F&O orders are coming app why would it not translate into revenue (as majority of the revenue is driven by F&O)

Yes, it is. We charge only for F&O trades.