What happens if I select the Market in Limit Price?

Can anyone tell me what will be the Sell Price if I select the “Market” checkbox (shown below the Limit Price) while adding the Trailing Stop loss in this example?

Hi @mottled,

If you select Market, the order will be executed at market price as soon as the Trigger price is reached.

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Hi @mottled,

Just to clarify, for Options segment, if you use TSLO, the market option is not applicable as per exchange guidelines. We will get this disabled on the front end as well on web.

This feature will work for rest of the segments. Request you to use the TSLO Limit type for Options.

@JayK Hi can you make one dedicated youtube video for different order types available on your platform with live examples not just theoretical explanation

Hi @omkar,

Feedback noted. We have a dedicated youtube channel - DhanHQ, where we post videos like this and more. We will continue to update this channel with more trading features related content.