What is my realized/un-realized and total profit or loss?

How/where do I see what is my realized/un-realized and total profit/loss?

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Hi @gmatesunny, you will soon be able to download your PnL statement from the “Statements & Reports” section of your Dhan app.

We understand this is an important update - our teams are working to ensure we release this soon.

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PnL statement should be a bare minimum feature that should be provide since beginning. I see that this is raised in Jan 2022, so it’s been more than 1.5 years, do we have this feature now. Can you tell me, how I can view my total realized and un-realized gains for a given duration support last 3 months?

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Hi @ajitsabane,

We have updated the p&l statement and with this, you will be able to see the realized/unrealized gains for your account. You may download the report now.