What wrong with trader diary on Dhan

@PravinJ @Dhan

This is the overall trades on 11 Aug 2023 on my Dhan account.
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And this is the trader diary on 12 Aug 2023

Can you please explain why this happens and how it calculated?
This is much confusing…

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Hi @onkar,

I’ve checked your trades details, and I can see that the p&l value calculated in the trader’s diary is accurate. Because you bought “3i Infotech” scrip (300 Qty) at 41.70 and sold it at 32.80 considering the same qty, the loss is Rs. 2670/- and for the next trade of Hindalco 470 Call closed with a profit of 560/-, an overall loss of 2110/- is been displayed. Hope this helps.

For such cases, feel free to connect with our support team via call (022-48906273), live chat directly from the app or can write an email to help@dhan.co to get faster response.