When can we expect Margin trading Facility ( MTF)?

Hi Dhan team ,

See lot of brokers coming up with MTF ( ICICI , Kotak ) and recently Bajaj Finance with 9.5% p.a offers.

When can we expect the same on DHAN ?

Pls provide a tentative date

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Hi @pavz

We don’t have many users asking for this yet, few have. Our roadmap is function of what users ask to build, so yes on our list of things to do - but will wait.

What we are working on at moment is: https://twitter.com/DhanHQ/status/1524632808634732546

Also only banks can offer such attractive rates (many have fees monthly or yearly, else 15-18%). Becomes easier for banks or NBFCs, for us we will have to compare interest rates with non-banking brokers.

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