When is goi bond interest paid

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Have bought some GOI bonds in secondary Market.
When is the interest paid , is it paid in fixed month 2 times yearly/ or 6 months from date of purchase .

Hi @pavz The payment of interest for GOI bonds is as per their date of issuance and it is paid semi-annually. The coupon payment (interest payment) does not depend on when you purchase the bond from the secondary market (Exchange or Offline Transfer)

For example: 7.40% GS 2062 (IN0020220094) was issued on 19-Sep-2022 and would mature on 19-Sep-2062. This bond will pay interest on 19th Sept and 19th March every year until maturity.


hI @iamshrimohan Can you please let know when is the semi annual payout for these 2 bonds.
I was expecting it today ( JuNE 1st) but does not seem to be the case.

GOI LOAN 7.10% 2029
GOI LOAN 6.18% 2024

Hi @pavz please find the below schedule for the interest date payments of the G-Secs. Note that these dates are tentative (derived from the redemption date and holidays are not factored).

SYMBOL ISIN Coupon Rate Interest 1 Interest 2 Redemption Date
448GS2023 IN0020200211 4.48 02-May 02-November 02-11-2023
456GS2023 IN0020210210 4.56 29-May 29-November 29-11-2023
515GS2025 IN0020200278 5.15 09-May 09-November 09-11-2025
522GS2025 IN0020200112 5.22 15-December 15-June 15-06-2025
563GS2026 IN0020210012 5.63 12-October 12-April 12-04-2026
574GS2026 IN0020210186 5.74 15-May 15-November 15-11-2026
577GS2030 IN0020200153 5.77 03-February 03-August 03-08-2030
579GS2030 IN0020200070 5.79 11-November 11-May 11-05-2030
585GS2030 IN0020200294 5.85 01-June 01-December 01-12-2030
610GS2031 IN0020210095 6.1 12-January 12-July 12-07-2031
618GS2024 IN0020190396 6.18 04-May 04-November 04-11-2024
619GS2034 IN0020200096 6.19 16-March 16-September 16-09-2034
622GS2035 IN0020200245 6.22 16-September 16-March 16-03-2035
645GS2029 IN0020190362 6.45 07-April 07-October 07-10-2029
654GS2032 IN0020210244 6.54 17-July 17-January 17-01-2032
664GS2035 IN0020210020 6.64 16-December 16-June 16-06-2035
667GS2035 IN0020210152 6.67 15-June 15-December 15-12-2035
667GS2050 IN0020200252 6.67 17-June 17-December 17-12-2050
669GS2024 IN0020220052 6.69 27-December 27-June 27-06-2024
676GS2061 IN0020200401 6.76 22-August 22-February 22-02-2061
689GS2025 IN0020220128 6.89 16-July 16-January 16-01-2025
68GS2060 IN0020200187 6.8 15-June 15-December 15-12-2060
695GS2061 IN0020210202 6.95 16-June 16-December 16-12-2061
699GS2026 IN0020230028 6.99 17-October 17-April 17-04-2026
699GS2051 IN0020210194 6.99 15-June 15-December 15-12-2051
706GS2028 IN0020230010 7.06 10-October 10-April 10-04-2028
710GR2028 IN0020220136 7.1 27-July 27-January 27-01-2028
710GS2029 IN0020220011 7.1 18-October 18-April 18-04-2029
716GS2050 IN0020200054 7.16 20-March 20-September 20-09-2050
717GS2030 IN0020230036 7.17 17-October 17-April 17-04-2030
719GS2060 IN0020200039 7.19 15-March 15-September 15-09-2060
726GS2029 IN0020180454 7.26 14-July 14-January 14-01-2029
726GS2032 IN0020220060 7.26 22-February 22-August 22-08-2032
726GS2033 IN0020220151 7.26 06-August 06-February 06-02-2033
727GS2026 IN0020190016 7.27 08-October 08-April 08-04-2026
729GR2033 IN0020220144 7.29 27-July 27-January 27-01-2033
732GS2024 IN0020180488 7.32 28-July 28-January 28-01-2024
736GS2052 IN0020220086 7.36 12-March 12-September 12-09-2052
738GS2027 IN0020220037 7.38 20-December 20-June 20-06-2027
741GS2036 IN0020220102 7.41 19-June 19-December 19-12-2036
74GS2062 IN0020220094 7.4 19-March 19-September 19-09-2062
754GS2036 IN0020220029 7.54 23-November 23-May 23-05-2036
757GS2033 IN0020190065 7.57 17-December 17-June 17-06-2033
762GS2039 IN0020190024 7.62 15-March 15-September 15-09-2039
763GS2059 IN0020190057 7.63 17-December 17-June 17-06-2059
769GS2043 IN0020190040 7.69 17-December 17-June 17-06-2043
772GS2049 IN0020190032 7.72 15-December 15-June 15-06-2049

Thnx a lot , this helps !

Hi @iamshrimohan have a doubt.

Suppose i have bought some goi in Jan , and the intrest pay out is in oct. If I exit in secondary market in Sep itself, will the interest from Jan to September will be calculated and credited in OCT ?

Interest is paid only to holder of the bond on record date (interest date).

So when you exit in secondary market you must factor in the interest in your sell price itself.

Btw if you bought the bond in January, you should receive atleast one interest payment by July end. (six month interest cycle)

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@pavz Yes as what @amish said, just adding a note on the same as well.

In case of bonds, the interest (accumulated) is added in the bond price itself. For example, Jan 1 bond will have zero interest component where is June 25 bond will have almost 6 month interest component. Hence, the price of the bond increases as the interest payment date nears. The price is Base Price + Accumulated Interest and this price is called “Dirty Price”.

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I think what @iamshrimohan said about dirty price applies if you buy GOI bond from bond market. Like RBI NDS.

But I think @pavz means he bought bonds in DEMAT form from NSE/BSE just like buying shares, in which case there is no concept of dirty price. i.e. interest is not added to your purchase price or sell price. The quoted price is actual price you pay or get.

@amish The dirty price is applies in Secondary Market only like NSE/BSE. In NDS-OM (Primary Market for G-Sec), the bonds are sold at face value.

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Ok @iamshrimohan, so you mean to say the prices of G-secs that are currently on sell on NSE here: (On top - under category dropdown - select G-sec)

There lets pick G-sec with SYMBOL - 738GS2027. You can see its current trading details here:

Now the LTP of that G-sec is 102.3.

So if I place buy order for 738GS2027 for 102.3, then I will be paying 102.3 plus accrued interest till today?

I dont think so. I think I will be paying 102.3 only, which is price quoted by the seller. And there is no concept of dirty price in this case.

Btw NDS-OM is not primary market. NDS OM is secondary market where you buy as well as sell bonds. I use it regularly via RBI retail platform. RBI retail direct is primary platform, where you can not sell but you can buy at final “Auction” value and not face value. (unless its a fresh issue)

No I mean to say that the accrued interest will already be added in the ask price by the seller.

Bond 738GS2027
Face Value (FV) 100
Coupon Rate 7.38%
Interet Annual 7.38
Interet Half Yearly 3.69
Date 13-09-2023
Last Interest Payment Date 20-06-2023
Days after LIPD 85
Accured Interest (AI) 1.7425
PV of the Bond [FV+AI] 101.7425 (Dirty Price)
Current ASK 102.25
Premium of ASK over PV 0.5075

Yes right about NDS-OM. I was actually referring to a fresh issue.

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Yes so thats what I mean, price (ASK price) is determined by the seller on NSE. He may or may not include Accrued interest in his ASK price. It is at seller’s discretion.

But in case of NDS OM, where whatever price seller decides (ASK price) then NDS OM automatically adds accrued interest to that price. So buyer pays for ASK price plus accrued interest, over and above ASK price.

@amish Ohh that is something new for me, never dealt in NDS-OM practically. Thanks for highlighting. I’ll study over this.


Just for you information.

Here is screenshot of Buy order on NDS OM.


I am trying to buy 100 bonds of Face value 100Rs each.

Ask price by seller is 100.62Rs per bond. So total is 10062Rs for 100 bonds.

But if you see table on right hand side, NDS OM adds accrued interest of 172.2Rs (total for 100 bonds) too.

So I will have to pay ASK price plus accrued interest. Total to pay 10234.20Rs.


can we buy the bond from this NDS OM and send to our dhan demat?

Reverse is possible. i.e. buy from stock market (which gets deposited in DEMAT account) and convert to RDG Account - which you can then sell on NDS OM.

But I am not aware of transferring from RDG account to any DEMAT account.

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