Where is finnifty

from the drop down menu, finnifty index is missing both in web and in android app.
also the name of index in the drop down meny for banknifty is nifty bank where as all the options which get listed in the options list says BANKNIFTY. so please make it consistent by renaming the one in the drop down menu from nifty bank to BANKNIFTY.

I am talking about the web>left top corner drop down menu.

Yes, not yet added to index tracker. While trades on Dhan for FINNIFTY are increasing 30-50% week on week, its far lower compared to rest. Will consider adding this when volumes go up. At this moment max is on Tuesdays for expiry.

Most users of Dhan who trade in FINNIFTY add the shortcuts to watchlist

This is so ridiculous Bank Nifty you have to type with space and Fin nifty no space. I had to google I kept searchinf Fin Nifty Service Nifty Find Service but nothing appeared WHy is it so difficult to use any keywords.

@rajsanand The official symbol (from NSE) for Bank Nifty and Fin Nifty are BANKNIFTY and FINNIFTY. Our search supports symbol search. Currently “Bank Nifty” Index is not being shown in the search when you hit a search on BANKNIFTY (like FINNIFTY), will get this added in the next build.

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Exactly BANKNIFTY does not show up any results If you select Index so what is the point of your comment? You have a problem you need to solve. I was going to start trading on Dhan today but everytime I try there is some weird problems like this and you are actually defending it. If FINNIFTY is the offical Symbol that why does BANKNIFTY the official symbol not show? YeP That is a problem fix it instead of trying to prove me wrong. I remember the first symbol I tried is without spaces for Nifty 50 and Bank Nifty but it does not show up So I tried adding space for Fin Nifty Zerodha atleast shows a the index if you type FIN SERvicE NIFTY>
Today on expiry I thought of taking my first trade in Fin Nifty and Dhan and Dhan f’ed it up. Now don’t piss me off my somehow trying to make it like I am dumb and I don’t know the "official Symbols.