Who dominates the Nifty 50? 🤔

The Nifty 50 index has taken a hit today ( close to 1% down), with a downward trend in the stock market. If you’re wondering who dominates the Nifty, you can revisit the index’s constituents and track their performance.

Nifty IT index is almost 5% down due to TCS and infosys underwhelming Q4 results.

How’s your day going?


Ended the NSE trades in net red. But its fine. We have to give some to take some… :smile:

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Keep at it :muscle:

As we say,

Hum risks mein himmat, aur mushkilon mein sabar rakhte hain,
Hum na losses se darte hain,
Na profits se bigadte hain,
Hum traders kehlaate hain :smiley: :grin: