Whole day Charges including brokerages and all taxes - New Feature request

Hi Dhan team, I would like to request a new feature that would be helpful for many and me. And the request is Charges element in money tab where it calculates the whole trade in a day and shows live with tax and brokerage charges.

I’ll attach the example below.

Hi @Manoj84,

As of now, we show the total brokerage in the money tab. Noted your suggestion to show all charges and taxes as well, thank you!


plz give the detail of Margin utilization for individual scripts , in the expiry week of stock options , it becomes very hard to identify how much margin is blocked by which scripts individually or when doing fire fighting we don’t get the details which script block how much final margin. so plz show us utilised Margin allocation for each individual scripts when we go into the details. currently it just show us utilized xyz margin only not the details of it. @shraddha

Eagerly waiting for the update. Thanks for taking up the request.

Hi @Poornima @PravinJ , Any update or timeline regarding this feature?