Why are charges so high for selling in tax?

can someone give breakout for this like why is sell tax so high than buy tax but in pricing its written that on buy and sell same % of tax note that this is on delivery equity not intraday or fno

if u compare both equity charges both are same but
for exaample if u take tata motors for buying only
tata motors charges more than zerodha can someone give explanation why?

Hi @anandd On Dhan, the charges that you see are inclusive of everything, ie. DP sell charges. On the other broking platform you are comparing, looks like they have not included DP sell charges in the calculation.

DP charges for selling on Dhan is INR 12.50, other platform also has similar charges which I am guessing are not included, but will be charged to you. Hope this clarifies.


yep thanks for the clarification