Why do we have 2 charts?

Why do we have 2 charts ? one opens with - Dhan Web - Lightning Fast Online Trading and Investing Platform?

& other opens with - https://tradingview.dhan.co/

please keep trading view URL as default humble request.

Don’t know about the web version but in app you can easily change the default graph.

Hi @Jai29B

Interesting question this one is… we have two charting libraries - ChartIQ and TradingView. And we have done lot of deeper integrations with our partner - TradingView and will be doing more.

We have two web trading platforms - one is web.dhan.co, and second is tv.dhan.co. When you tap on any of the TradingView icons on Dhan - we seamlessly login you to the tv.dhan.co console.

Most our traders on Dhan, when I say most - it is over 80% of them use two platforms as a combination… it is either (mobile app + Dhan Web) or (mobile app + TradingView console)

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