Why SYMBOL is not displayed

I have requested this earlier also, but DHAN does not show any consideration.
Nowhere I can see SYMBOL, everywhere it full name. This has resulted me buying wrong stocks sometimes.
For example, I intended to buy “IDFC” but ended up buying “IDFCFIRST”.
All scanner works on symbols, and for shortlisted stocks I search by symbol name in DHAN.


@Momo_Trader Glad you raised it. I faced the same issue some days ago. They really need to show the Scrip Code or the Symbol of the stock tht we are going to trade…


I dont understand why its so difficult for them to implement such a basic thing


Please be assured it’s work in process.

Can you please commit to a date? This is a fundamental feature.

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I had also raised the same issue through following post:
UI improvement on web.dhan.co as well as tv.dhan.co - Feature Requests - Dhan Community


Moreover, in futures also it doesn’t show expiry date which creates confusion specifically in commodity charts where Future don’t necessary end on last Thursday. For .e.g.

Here, I don’t know on which date in Nov, this future will expire. GoldM expires on 5th Dec, so I do need to remember not to trade in Dec in GoldM. But why?


More than a month, and Dhan cant implement such a basic and simple thing…


Continuing with above, see how search shows when typed the word “AIRTEL”:

See, there is no way to differentiate as to which one is partly paid share and which one is fully paid share.

Now, see the image from another provider. Same search but clear difference showing clearly exchange name, series, partly paid/fully paid. And all this is just because of a simple wayout i.e. to show symbol along with series.

The good part, however, is that Dhan search shows Futures/Options also while searching which is not the case with others.

So, if Dhan can make symbols appear in search, it will be too good.

P.S.: I wrote this because from past so many days whenever I searched for Airtel, I instantly clicked on 1st result and that showed Airtel data from Nov 21 only. Today, I wondered how could it be that past data of Airtel (a top company by market cap) is having incomplete data for so many days.

Hi @Shally we have incorporated the changes. It will be visible from tomorrow.



Nothing seems to be changed!!

Hi @Shally apologies for the delay here. Its done now, please check.

Ohh! I thought that Dhan is implementing ‘Symbol’ displaying. Instead, it just did modify Bharti Airtel partly paid shares classification… :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Hi @Shally we made the search simpler as the symbol for partly paid shares (worst for the incrementing paid up value, right entitlements, and not ignoring the nomenclature followed for GSecs and Bonds is confusing for the customers. Adding to this, both the exchanges follow a different nomenclature, which adds to a lot more confusion. To correct this, we show the instrument name for better understanding. However, the search also allows symbol search and it will return the correct instrument name.

Hi @iamshrimohan,

I appreciate your point of view towards the simplification. But it has some unintended consequences. Refer my reply in this topic itself:

Symbols, if displayed, show expiry date of the F&O Contract but in Dhan, this is not the case. For Nifty, Bank Nifty getting the expiry is still easy (as it happens on Thursday) but when you trade commodities, it really becomes difficult to know when an instrument is expiring!!! So, we have to go back and forth to various links to know an information which should be available without any hassle.

And this is not limited to Commodities only.

refer another image placed below:

There are two companies named: 1) Jindal Stainless Limited and 2) Jindal Stainless (Hisar) Limited.

However, when I type “JINDAL STAINLESS” in the search box, I get four results. However, it is impossible to identify whether it is company no. 1 (mentioned above) or 2.

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Ideally, for script search JSL should appear for Jindal Stainless and JSLHISAR for the other one.

The TICKER and DESCRIPTION has to be different! That makes us know the expiry as well in description.

Hi @Shally @Diamond Thanks for highlighting the miss outs, I’ll surely get them implemented in the next build.


Exactly! That’s what my point is. Dhan had good intentions but it resulted in some unintended consequences. Hope they implement this sooner.

WTH this is still missing ? This confusion messed up my trade.

Still can’t see symbol anywhere in Dhan Interface.

Better to show symbol also beside whatever you guys already showing.

Thats how it is shown on google, please fix this, can’t google all the time -

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Arrogance, just pure Arrogance. More than a year and issue is still pending. For god sake, its a very basic feature