Why SYMBOL is not displayed

Glad you too raised this topic !! Although many people have raised this decades ago. If you type SYMBOL on search bar. As you can check dhan TV - symbol and description name are same, neither sort A TO Z or vice versa but who cares.

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@iamshrimohan when will DHAN also display the symbol/short-form in the watchlist/holdings? This is very basic feature, can’t understand what’s keeping you from implementing it?

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When you guys gonna implement ?

Please if you can’t enforce this stuff for all users for whatever reason, have an option in user settings where user can enable this thing.

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Hi @utsavmadaan823 we are evaluating from the product perspective on the impact of the same. Will update you once done.

Please modify scrip Welspun Living (erstwhile Welspun India) name in search database as it is creating lot of confusion.


@Shally this is fixed, will be good from tomorrow.

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See Anant Raj Global. Name has been changed to Tarc Ltd. But it is still showing old name.


P.S.: @Divyesh, please look into this also in line with our discussion. Why names are not getting changed where they have been changed in actual?

@Shally thanks for reflecting this. We did a recent change in the database on the names, so possibly it could be an edge case. I have fixed it, should be good tomorrow.

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Again a case for showing symbols separately than names!!!

Hi @Shally

This is updated now, please check.

Hi @Divyesh, thanks.

This seems to be updated. But again I would request to consider displaying symbol as well as name instead of manually changing things again and again!

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Please consider displaying symbols along with the full name to confirm the scrip we add to the watchlist is the correct one.

Hi @encore

Noted your suggestion, and will surely explore the possibilities.

Hope this example is more clear:

PPL is Prakash Pipes on NSE. But when I search ppl here, how am I supposed to know which is the correct full name of PPL? Zerodha displays Prakash Pipes on the first result, at least do like that. Why Piramal Pharma is on the first?

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Absolutely. There are just so many problems with the current format of display as pointed out in many other posts.

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Apart from this example, here’s one more @iamshrimohan

ALLCARGO is the symbol for “Allcargo Logistics” but “Allcargo Terminals” is being displayed first, I have to go to another website to verify this, Dhan is confusing here. This issue can be solved by displaying the symbol in the scrip screen or displaying the symbol along with the full name in the search results.


The search for FSN E Commerce doesn’t get any result. It’s symbol ‘Nykaa’ does. So, effectively, only symbol is being displayed in symbol as well as description.

Could you correct this one?

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