Will I get the option to apply under Shareholder quota in Tata tech IPO

I have heard that One PAN holder can apply under Shareholder category as well as other(Retail/HNI).
So My question is, Is DHAN going to provide us the option to apply under Shareholders quota? If yes, whats the procedure?

Hi @LovishGupta

Yes, there will be option for shareholders quota also to apply for Tata Technologies IPO. More details will be shared soon. cc @iamshrimohan

@LovishGupta yes we have developed this. Will be posting a list of FAQs on the same in this thread (on Monday). Stay tuned.

@iamshrimohan I am not seeing any option to select SHAREHOLDER quota Application for TATA TECH IPO. Please confirm this ASAP. @Naman

Yes, it disappeared for me as well.

Hi @LovishGupta @harikrishna

Request you to refresh and check now, the Tata Technologies shareholder category.

Able to see now but why is it showing IPO bid will be made under Retail category?

@harikrishna Please ignore the message. Rest assured, the application will be qualitied in the share holders reserved portion only.