Withdrawal request failed but money deducted from dhan account - Resolved!

I submitted withdrawal request of 9000 today around 7 PM in the evening after Half an hours I received an email from dhan that the withdrawal request has been failed,
I starting to worry and my concern is that the money from dhan account of 9000 was deducted when will it get refunded back to my dhan funds?

Hi @andry It will get auto-refunded to your account. There are automated reconciliation processes across systems when payouts fail for any reason, before funds reflects back in your account. It depends on rejection reasons that are received by the payment gateway or by the bank.

I also faced the same situation today . Not sure i can do trading tomorrow or not . I requested for 45000 but got a failed message like

Your request to withdraw ₹45,000 from your Dhan account could not be completed. This could be due to insufficient balance to fund your margin, settlement and position requirements.

We request you to review your withdrawal amount and re-initiate the payout with a smaller amount.

But i am not able to see the money in my demat account .

I think its a serious issue . Anyway i raised a query . If not solved .

I ll complain in sebi against dhan … we are seeing too much glitch on dhan in last 2 month … its time to quit dhan .

Hi @Sib1212 Payouts are processed by underlying payment gateways and integrations with banks. There is a dependency on external partners on this. If it fails, then it will get reconciled automatically and reflect in Dhan account. Please connect with us on help@dhan.co if you do not see same in your account in some time.

I am asking a simple thing here . Why this kind of sensitive data and information are not transparent.

Seriously there is some issue with dhan … anyway thanks giving generic help rather practical .

im facing sam issue right now…can dhan clarify things for me ?

im facing same issue right now …rs 48000 failed but didnt reflected in dhan…can dhan clarify things for ne

Did the money credited in your account …im also facing same issue of rs 50000

Yes i received next working day

Thanks for reliveing my heart rate bro…thanks for replying