Zero Brokerage Plan or Yearly Subscription

I love Dhan but Iā€™m using it only for charting purpose and taking trade from mstock as it is offering zero Brokerage. Please consider zero Brokerage Plan or Yearly Subscription based plan.

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Thanks for the note @Karan4999, glad that you love Dhan :slight_smile:

At Dhan we believe in providing our users an awesome product & customer experience, and incredible data, insights, information and tools - across all platforms - Dhan,, Options Trader, and many more products are coming soon. We offer all that Dhan offers right now, and more to come at same industry standard competitive prices, but will never do it for free.

Many broking platforms that offer free brokerages end up outsourcing > 90% of their app or web development outside and get things done thru vendors and off the shelf products. We invest serious time, energy, resources, technology and money to build Dhan, and to do that we need to generate revenues that will help us invest more in our business.

Personally I have seen many platforms into everything finance, not just investing that start with zero prices and then run out of business when capital runs out of it - are forced to charge or shut down.