1 sec chart in dhan via Tradingview available?

Dear team,
I am in need of 1sec chart in dhan via Tradingview plateform.

Can I get it?

i am looking for the same 1 second chart …saw post in telegram channel they are coming with 30 seconds.

Hi @NMP @007Decoder

TradingView keeps a few of its features exclusive only to its product and does not extend them to its partners.​ As you may know, tv.dhan.co is a hosted version of TradingView.com

Since you are only broker who are provinding lot of features INBUILT like (strategy builder,options trader etc)…why don’t you hire 50-100 CODERS to DEVELOP India’s ALTERNATIVE CHARTING PLATFORM vis-a-vis TV ? Chart IQ is also foreign product.

Why don’t you build a WEB CHARTING PLATFORM from SCRATCH and name it…like LAKSHMI :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


Well long way to go for that, for now our association with Tradingview.com have helped us built multiple products and features that many of traders are getting benefitted by it.

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when can we expect 30seconds ? & what stops u to give us 1 second chart ?

Hi @007Decoder, 30 seconds will come soon, it is already in development. We hope to finish this and make available post some testing.

1-sec charts are heavy on data, infrastructure, bandwidth and more. Makes it unfeasible, if we have to do 1-sec charts ever - its most likely will be a paid feature, and bit expensive as well.

1 sec mai kya he kar lenge 1 min mai he itne bar sl hit kar deta 1 sec mai toh boom boom kar dega entering on smaller time frame is easy but exit is kinda confusing because your sl i also very small here

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It’s our requirement. We need for our stretegy.

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then I guess you can try your strategy why you waiting I mean one month premium subscription is free on trading view just dont forget to turn of auto renewal before specific date I mean still you can at least try your strategy without waiting

there is no options data on trading view. I don’t know after i go premium with trading view i would be able to see 1 second options data when connected with dhan

Hi @007Decoder Yes you are right. TradingView does not have Options Data at this moment, we heard they have plans for it. Also your features on TradingView depends on your user / subscription plan with them.

For Options data on charts, please refer to any of Dhan’s platforms - Dhan (Mobile, Web) or Options Trader (Mobile & Web) or tv.dhan.co.

@PravinJ Sir any update on 30 sec chart?

I am also waiting mutual fund bhi nahi aa rahe bored ho gaya wait karte karte

We will ship soon, it needs an update to the TradingView library - that is work in progress.

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Seconds Charts are implemented, we wrote about this here… @Akhil153045 @007Decoder @NMP @inspectorKAALE