1 Tv Account & Multiple Dhan Account

I Got 1 Tradingview Premium Account Wanna Use My Strategy In Multiple Dhan Account Which Belongs To My Family Via Different Webhook’s so its easy to maintain n control… can i ?

Hello @VoV

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You can generate Webhook URL for all any Dhan Account. However, since TradingView allows saves only one Webhook URL at a given point of time on the alert box, you will have to change the URL for every account separately and place different alerts.

Also, do keep in mind to change the secret inside JSON as well as the same is related to Webhook URL itself.

i got it … but mu question is


if i have set 4 different Weebhook in 4 different charts …

4 different webhook with 4 different key …

then thr will be no prob right …


Yes, in this scenario, there will not be any issues.

thanks… 1 last question … how long it takes to active API once the account is activated … 2 family account got active today but not able to place any order …
no rejection nothing … what could be reason … n when it will be solve or active for Weebhook trade… api

Hello @VoV

API is activated as soon as the account opening process is complete - i.e. account is registered at the exchange. Post that you can use Webhooks and API without any restrictions.

ok thanks… got it that time i ws faceing some unknown issue

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