Ability to link same mobile with two accounts (Personal / Corporate)

I have a personal account but wanted to open an account for my HUF, but your onboarding team says they can’t link one mobile number to two account as that is used to log in. If you are allowing non-individual accounts, I may have a HUF may be a partnership firm, and may be employed in my company, which will ask me to operate a Dhan account. But for every new account, i will need a new account i will need a mobile number quite impractical for me, so dhan is restricting its own business. Ideally you can allow to login using customer id or UCC or email id along with mobile, a small change in login screen authentication can help users open multiple accounts and you increase business. if mobile is linked to two accounts you can just pop up a message saying linked to two accounts use UCC / email to log in.

Hi @manikwalia Manik, its important for us to make choices that help us scale and keep systems in place. We prefer to do it same way, and also regulations wise we have to keep single mobile linked with an account.

For users who have a use-case to view different accounts on single app, they can switch between accounts.

@PravinJ The option i asked is not to switch accounts. How can a karta open a account with Dhan for HUF if you don’t allow the same mobile number to be linked to personal account and HUF? Ideally, karta will only have one number, not two, Dhan wants a separate number. There is no regulation by SEBI on this; it just asks for a declaration of number and account holder relationship, which they themselves say should be Karta’s number. So the problem is account opening, not using

In simple words looking for same mobile to be linked to personal and HUF/ corporate accounts. I edited the header of post so it is not confusing.

Hi @manikwalia Which is same I am suggesting - it won’t be possible to have two active accounts for Dhan that are linked to the same mobile number. One will have to take another mobile number.

Ok. not sure i will ever want to get a new mobile just for dhan but its what it is as its your system and you lose the customers and business