About Government Bonds

I want to invest in government bonds but have no idea about how to invest. Is there any topic available to know how to invest in government bonds in dhan ? Kindly share a link if the topic is available. Thank you ! :pray::pray:

@Niranjan we would be soon launching the β€œBonds” module where in you can subscribe for Government Bonds (G-Secs, T-Bills, SDLs, and SGBs). The application process will be just similar to an IPO! This market from where you can subscribe the bonds directly from the issuer (RBI) is called the Primary Market

Upon subscription the bonds are listed into the Secondary Market (NSE and BSE) and you can buy/sell them just as normal equity shares. The previously subscribed bonds are listed on the exchange, you can buy them using the Dhan app/web.


Thanks for the reply ! :pray::pray:

Im unable to find dhan broker in bsedirect website while registering through broker? Dhan has been there or not let me know

@vinu9 We are member of BSE as well. However I’ll check why the name is not appearing on BSEDirect. Also, our firm name would be Moneylicious Securities Pvt. Ltd., Dhan is the name of our product.

Also, if you wish you can try registering through NSE goBID Platform.