Acquisition Price for shares transferred inwards off-market

For shares transferred to Dhan off market from another demat account of the same investor, Dhan is showing acquisition price as the price as on the transfer date probably. However there should be an option for the investor to correct it to his/her actual acquisition price of the script. This would help in accurate portfolio representation and capital gain calculations.

In my case, I have transferred two scripts L&T and LTTS from my Zerodha to Dhan last week and these were acquired originally a few months ago in 2021. However Dhan is showing the acquisition price of last week instead of the actual acquisition price.

P.s.: I have already raised a complaint for this on the chat.

Hi @hardshock, yes we are aware of this. We haven’t completed our efforts yet to offer a seamless experience for transfer of shares from other brokers to Dhan. We will do this.

Meanwhile, we do understand that this is bit irritating to see wrong prices in portfolio. Will sync up with our Customer Service team and figure out a way to show the avg prices of your stocks in portfolio correctly.

Thank you.

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Any update whether the transfer experience has now been streamlined?

Hi @hardshock, this is being developed and tested also for few users. We will release a solution, most likely in January itself (bit aggressive here), if not then in early Feb. We are actively testing this.

Hi @hardshock,

Our transfer process has been streamlined. You will now be able to add the cost price as well as the date of purchase after you transfer shares to Dhan.

We have also written a detailed note on the same here.

Do let us know your experience with it. :slight_smile: