Adding Nominee online

Didn’t find any option neither on Dhan App nor on Dhan Web trading platform to fill the Nominee details online.
Please guide me if any …

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Hi @Bidyut ,

Welcome to the Dhan community :smiley:

You can now add your nominee details from our app.

Steps :

  • My Profile → Profile & Account Details → Add Nominations

Would also request you to update the Dhan app, if you haven’t yet. Read more about the feature here.


followed the steps but in last page “Add Nomination” is not appearing.
please find bellow screeshot of the same.

Hi @Bidyut ,

It’s available only on App for now. We are in the process of developing for Dhan web app as well.

What will happen if I do not add a nominee?

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Hi @amit,

When you open an account with Dhan (or any broker these days), you actually open two types of accounts - a demat account and a trading account.

You hold your funds and F&O positions in your trading account - if there is no activity in this account, funds are automatically transferred back to your registered bank account as a part of monthly or quarterly settlement. F&O positions cannot be transferred so they are liquidated and the funds, if any, are transferred to your bank account. If, for any reason, funds are not transferred back to your account, having a nominee really helps as they can claim it.

Similarly, in your demat account, you hold your securities in demat or electronic form. Securities in your demat account will stay here forever unless you sell or transfer them to another broker. So it is even more important to add a nominee in this case so that they can get the securities transferred to their name easily.

We hope we helped you understand the benefits of adding a nominee to your Dhan account. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Anirudha!

Actually, I was more concerned about the new SEBI norm of freezing the demat account if nominee is not declared by March 2022. But, seems its been postponed until March 2023.

Anyways, completed the nomination process through Dhan App - it was seamless. :heart_eyes:


@Anirudha Trying to add nominee through the dhan, it fails at the last stage. I receive the OTP and once the otp is entered for verification it says esign failed please try again. Did not face anything like this while opening the account online at Dhan.

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Hi @chitragandhi,

Thanks for highlighting this - the eSign page is through NSDL, which is a third-party application that we have to mandatorily use for authenticating Aadhaar-based signature. NSDL’s services could be intermittently down while you were trying to eSign.

Request you to try after some time. Meanwhile, I will double-check if all systems are fine at our end.

Thanks for the reply, have been trying since the last few days but getting the same error, might be from the NSDL side.
alternatively Could i send a physical form and register a nominee ?

Hi @chitragandhi

Request to do the same digitally. There may be a downtime on NSDL at the time you attempted this.

hi, is the nominee addition option now enabled on web platform? Please confirm

Hi @eliteinvestment

At this moment, the nominee option is available in the app only. If we introduce a web version, we will definitely inform our users.

Hi @eliteinvestment

We are delighted to announce that the Nominee addition is now live on our website.

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