Again same stoploss error....!

I thought you people have solved the error, but you people just don’t care.

How many times do I have to take losses just because of your tech issues?

I am fed up & done with Dhan…!!!

Moving to Zerodha

Hi @subhan

Request you please drop us an email at We would like to check your concern.

Just to add, this happens when the stop loss range (limit & trigger price) is very less and the market is volatile.

The order was to be triggered when the price reaches the entered trigger price, and to be executed with a limit price.

When the price reached your trigger price, the order got triggered, however, by the time order went to exchange for execution, the price had gone below the limit price and hence the order remains in a pending position.

Generally for such a highly volatile scrip, we recommend keeping the difference between the trigger and limit price a few ticks more to avoid such a situation.

Same thing is stated here: What are stop loss orders and how to use them?