ALERT FEATURE ( new option needed)

I want a new field ( space) in setting price alert. I need some space to write short note about the price alert & on trigger of that price i should be able to read the “short notes” saved while placing alert.


Hi Vaibhav, that’s a valid ask. We will evaluate this and update you once we add notes to the Price Alerts!


pls do the needed feature. As we track the 1000+ stocks we may not be knowing exact action to be taken ( buy, seel, stop loss, trail stop loss etc )once the price gets triggered. So kindly add a new feature “NOTES” under each price alert.


@Yash0301 yes we are! :slight_smile:

Alert चं notification मोबाईल आणि वेबसाईटवर येत नाही.
डायरेक्ट चार्टवरून alert नाही लावता येत का?

mobile la alert yeto ki bhava

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cant you send our feedback on priority basis? as without this feature the whole app is waste for research oriented trader like me. bcs if i dont know my plan of action post alert trigger then wats the use of setting alerts itself. currently im avoiding to trade thru DHAN only for this reason. do ask your team to provide this feature on priority basis soooon.

भाऊ मी notification बद्दल बोलतोय!
अलर्ट लावता येतो पण त्याचं नोटिफिकेशन मिळत नाही.

Hi @nnJhavarePatil ,

Request you to please share the scrip name on which you are trying to set the alert, it will help us in resolving the issue faster.

For web app to give clutter free trading experience, we have provided alerts under the notification center ( bell icon on the top right corner, besides your profile )

You can try out placing orders from webhooks from Dhan on - Introducing Webhook Alerts : Direct Order Placements on TradingView from Dhan

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BankNifty चे दोन्ही आज सकाळी लावले होते.
Nifty चा जुना आहे.
पण एकाचंही नोटिफिकेशन मिळालं नाही, ना मोबाईलवर ना वेबसाईटवर!

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Thanks for sharing the screenshot @nnJhavarePatil , getting it checked.

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pls read the main thread ( first comment ). We neeed new feature as mentioned pls read it.

i think you have completely ignored the main thread. I cant see any notes part under price alerts still. I am waiting for this feature since long. But i think your team is not in a position to deliver this feature.

pls add NOTES part in price alert.

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Would love that dhan introduce new BO Alerts.

MACD breakouts

volume spike in 5 min

Intraday BULLISH/BEARISH scan past 10 min

Hey @Vaibhav we’ve noted your feedback and we are working on it. :grinning:


@KiranPatel thanks for your suggestions. For bullish / bearish scans do check this out - Introducing: Live Market Scanners on Dhan :grinning:

unless you make any update on your price alert feature this app is not at all useful for swing traders. Just add NOTES part under price alert a very small update we are expecting from so many dayz but nothing is taken care of in new updates. When shall we expect that our requirement will be taken care of at the earliest ?

Hi @Vaibhav,

Glad to inform, you can now add notes to your Price Alerts. Just simply Tap on any Price Alert and save your notes.

Read more here :- Introducing: Trading Notes on Dhan. Now add your notes to every Trade you take on Dhan!

It is not valid for Dhan Web. Only app has the this option

we need alart notes in dhan web too…