APPlication IOS Widgets

Dear Dhan Team,
by any chance to add widget functions…?
i would like to request a new futures widgets for dhan app for Apple users, were user can see on postion watchlist P&L etc.

Hi @Nahmja ,

We have widgets in our roadmap. Noted your request on the position watchlist, P&L widget to be added in the roadmap.

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Hey @RahulDeshpande , do we have an update on this? It’s something really needed; Don’t want the hassle to open the app throughout the day

Hi @sv28

At this moment, we have introduced floating P&L and Indices on the web which you can check from Money > Traders controls.

@Divyesh I am requesting the widget for iOS. I don’t trade manually but I do keep a tab on things because of which I need to constantly open the app. Having a widget on homescreen to see the updates would be helpful

Hi @sv28

Yes, we have your feedback. Thanks

Hi @Divyesh @Dhan

Could you please provide an update on the priority of the request and its current status? I am still unable to locate the widget for iOS/Apple users.

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Hi @Nahmja

Currently, widget functionalities are on our to-do list; once we have this in place, we will surely announce it on our community platform.

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Greetings Dhan Team,
Hope all is well with you and team.
Any updates IOS widgets…

Hi @Divyesh @PravinJ
It seems Dhan is not prioritizing iOS users. Could you please let us know where this request falls on the priority list so we can consider other options?

Not true. I use Dhan app on both iOS and Android devices simultaneously. The experience is pretty much uniform. The only issue is, the iOS app get updates ~2 days later than the Android app.

About widgets, Dhan doesn’t provide widgets on any platform still now and this is a 1.5 year old request so don’t think any widgets will come.